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How to Customize Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Make your PlayBook truly yours by changing the wallpaper and organizing your apps by category. Then show it off by taking screenshots of your customized PlayBook.

Change Your Wallpaper

If you get tired of looking at the same home screen wallpaper all the time, you can always change it. To do so, open the Pictures app and select the image you want to set as your wallpaper. Swipe down from the top of the bezel to launch the Options menu and tap the Set as Wallpaper button. When you return to the home screen, your photo should now be set as your wallpaper.

Organize Your App Drawer

To organize your apps, tap and hold the icon for the app you want to move until all of the apps in the app drawer start to shake. Continue holding the app and move it to wherever you want it to sit in the drawer. You can also move apps between categories (Favorites, Games, and Media) by dragging them up to the app bar and dropping them over the appropriate category. You can delete an app by tapping and holding it under the All category and tapping the garbage can icon under the app.

Bonus Tip: Take Screenshots

Press the volume up button and volume down button simultaneously. You’ll hear a shutter sound to confirm that the shot has been taken. To view your screenshots, open the pictures and go to the Camera Pictures folder.