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How to Add Shortcuts to BlackBerry 10's Virtual Keyboard

BlackBerry 10's virtual keyboard has been designed to help make typing long e-mails and the occasional text document as painless as possible. Users can add their own word shortcuts to the BB10's keyboard. To do this:

1. Navigate to the home screen or BlackBerry Hub and swipe down from the top of the display to access the Settings menu.

2. Select Settings and tap Language and Input.

3. Scroll down and choose the Automated Assistance tab under Text Input.

4. Select Word Substitution at the top of the screen and tap the Add Shortcut button at the bottom of the page.

5. To add a shortcut for "Talk to you later," for example, type "ttyl" in the first dialogue box and "Talk to you later" in  the second box and press Save at the top of the screen.

The next time you type "ttyl" in any document, the phrase, "Talk to you later," will automatically appear over the BB10 keyboard's space bar. Swipe up on the phrase and it will replace the shortcut you typed.

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