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Holiday Shoppers Donate to Charity through Socialvest

The holiday season is all about the spirit of taking--er, giving. Ah that's right, how confusing it can be sometimes. Luckily such websites as Socialvestare here to remind some of us that the loads of cash we drop in crazed shopping blackouts could be used for a better purpose, like say, clothing the cold or feeding the hungry. And now, through Socialvest's partnerships with retailers, you can do just that without getting up from your desk.

By teaming up with hundreds of the biggest stores--including Best Buy, Target, and Macy's--Socialvest promises to donate a specific percentage of each purchases made on its website to a charity of the buyer's choice. While everyone wants to make a difference, the organization's website says, the time, money and ability to do so aren't always simple. Just as the idea of charity is universal, shopping is something just about everyone knows how to do.

When making a purchase in Socialvest's online 'mall,' a percentage of the cost will be added toward a Socialvest account. Funds from this account can then be donated to any of the 1.5 million non-profits listed on the site. That's not an exaggeration--searching 'Haiti' brought up 373 possible organizations. Additionally, donation funds can also be accrued from in-store shopping after registering a card with Socialvest.