Stocking Stuffer: Hipz Bags - The Evolution of the Fanny Pack?

Are you as disturbed by the resurgence of the fanny pack as I am? I hope so, because seeing these things around is starting to scare me a little. I realize that there is a practical use for the fanny pack, especially if you don't have many pockets and it's summer when wearing a jacket isn't practical. However, there needs to be a better solution.

The Hipz Bag is the 21st century answer to the fanny pack. Is it better? Well, that's a matter of opinion. I like the basic idea -- the small bags either rest around your waist via a strap that can accommodate hips up to 45-inches, or you can attach the pouch to your existing belt loops. The bag itself is much smaller than a fanny pack with room for wallet, keys, maybe lipstick, but not much else. A pocket on the back is for one's cell phone. The designer told me that this is so you can feel it if you've got the phone set on vibrate. Nice touch.

Setting aside the issue of Hipz Bags fashion forwardness -- you'll love it or hate it no matter what I say -- as far as the practicality goes, this product is useful if you're pants have no or few pockets. Women's slacks often have this problem, as do Yoga pants. And if you're wearing ultra-tight skinny jeans, you can't put anything in the pockets, anyway. So in these scenarios, the Hipz Bags make sense. Any time else... well, let's say I'm dubious.

Check out the myriad styles and fabrics available in the Hipz Bags store. They start at $24.95 and will make a great stocking stuffer.