Hands-On With the ASUS Eee PC 1002HA

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The Eee PC 1000H has held a special place in our heart (hey, we even got it imported on our own from Taiwan) which is why we are a bit sad to hear that ASUS is going to replace the Eee PC 1000H with the Eee PC 1002HA on U.S soil on December 1. While not good news for the 1000H, replacing the last zero with a 2 and adding an A to the end magically creates a very nice looking netbook. We got a peak at a pre-production 1002HA this morning (so pre-production that it didn't have a hard drive). The best way to describe it: if the Eee PC 1000H and the Eee PC S101 had a night of passion (compete with Barry White music) and forgot to use the necessary protection the result would be a Eee PC 1002HA.

Taking a lot of design cues from the Eee PC S101, the 1002HA has a thinner profile than the 1000H and we are told is less than an inch thick. And though it leaves out the crystals and the flashy lid, the 1002HA has a brushed aluminum lid and has the same overall styling as the S101.

The Eee PC 1002HA has the same keyboard as the orginal Eee PC 1000H. That damn Shift key is still to the right of the Up arrow though! The trackpad, however, is the same as the S101's. It is wide and has a single silver bar as a mouse button.

We can't tell you much more about the netbook since it wouldn't power on, but it will have the typical netbook specs. Similar to the current configuration of the Eee PC 1000H, it will sport a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, 160GB hard drive and run Windows XP Home. It will apparently have a two-cell battery, but ASUS still expects it to last about 5 hours. According to ASUS, the Eee PC 1002HA will be available on December 1 and will retail for $499. [flq:64a8b164cd3b42eda4e867927dd31793]
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  • Ray Says:

    the key board is bad... I wish I could disable the home, up and down key. My fingers lightly touch the key and I end up on the top of bottom of the page.

  • anon Says:

    Great, I always want to buy a netbook, but my friends tried to persuaded my to buy a laptop, as the price is very close, not sure what to buy now.

  • China Mobile Phone Says:

    do you have ausus L3800 battery

  • m3i zero Says:

    What’s the difference between 1002HA and 1000H ?

  • Hung Says:

    How does a 2cell 4200mah last up to 5hrs when the common eee pc 6 cell 6600mah lasts up to 5.5hrs? This one must have a special power supply?

  • io Says:

    Just to clarify, I could easily beat the crap out of someone faster with my MacBook Air faster than the Asus.


  • maurizio Says:

    What's the difference between 1002HA and 1000H ?

  • john laptop Says:

    this asus laptop looks nice

  • netbook Says:

    How is the screen quality on this one? I hate that cheap display on my Eee PC 900.

  • ssrat Says:

    OK we are almost there, right size, probable right battery scale/life.

    NOW we just have to have the price slip a little more for christmas, which thanks to the economy I'm not sure what will happen.

    Stores buy it at regular price, sell at full since they need the money
    Buy at regular sell at discount hoping for customer flow and more on the accessories

    Manufacturers are in the same spot as well, what is the highest/lowest price you can sell it for.

    This going to be a screwy christmas for electronics (not to mention the touchscreens due in Jan(?))

  • Joanna Stern Says:

    Yep I realized I left out a mention of the SD card slot, but it is there on the back of the system.

  • Roger Starbei Says:

    The SD card slot is in the rear-left side of the back part. You can see it when she shows the rear of the PC.

  • Johnny Cuntlicker Says:

    No SD card slot.

  • kevin Says:

    apparently the 2 cell is high capacity, 4400 instead of 2200 so its equivalent to a general 4 cell. if it does 5 hours as it claims I'd be fine with it. I like how they moved a lot of the ports to the rear.

  • Robin Says:

    Still a shame the right shift key isn't placed correctly on left side of the top arrow key.

    Also I don't understand why they choose to include only a 2cell? But how can a 2cell get 5 hours battery life when most 3cells get a maximum of 2.5 hours.. This one should at least have a 6cell as with the 1000H. For now the Samsung NC10 still is the best one if you ask me. The only thing with the Samsung is that the trackpad is too damn small and that it doens't have 3G simcard slot (yet).

  • john laptop Says:

    ASUS Eee PC 1002HA, i like this laptop

  • Fanfoot Says:

    p.s. Joanna-Appreciate the incredible job you (and Laptop magazine) are doing in covering the netbook market. You are wiping the floor with most of the other publications (cnet, ziff, etc).

  • Fanfoot Says:

    Okay, this is a nice direction to see things go. I think ALL netbooks should be thinner. The screen thickness is quite impressive, I assume it must be LED back lit. Hope it doesn't have too much flex. Like the non-plastic materials. And the 802.11n is an improvement too.

    Yes the shift key is unacceptable, but at least we're making some progress with this. At least assuming they don't price this up with the S101... $499 as a starting price is fine.

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