Hands-On With LG's Watch Phone

LG just cooked something up in the spy labs that you're going to love. We got an up close view of LG's 3G Touch Watch phone and were nothing short of impressed. Its just 13.9mm thick, so it looks just like any other watch, but has a sleek touchscreen built-in which can display either a digital or analog clock. Once you touch the screen, you're presented with a clean menu to make phone calls, play music, read or send text messages. More impressive, you can use it to video chat using its built-in camera.
When you're ready to make a call, you can talk into the watch directly, or sync up using a Bluetooth headset. We're definitely excited to see this 3G phone hit the market, but a carrier and pricing have not yet been announced and LG says it will hit Europe first "sometime in 2009."