Hands-On With Lenovo IdeaPad Y510's Facial Recognition Software

When the Lenovo IdeaPad Y510 arrived in our office, one of the first things we were eager to try out was the built- in facial recognition software. The new IdeaPad has a lot of cool features and it is one of the first notebooks to integrate software that lets you use your face as a password.

Our tests have shown that the software works pretty well. After registering my face, only I have been able to get past the Vista log in by sitting in front of the system. However, the system doesn't recognize me if I'm wearing sunglasses and a large hat. Watch how we put Lenovo's VeriFace face recognition to the test in the video below. Just to be clear: in the video, I say several times that the log in failed. In fact the IdeaPad didn't fail; we failed in our attempts to trick it!