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Hands-On with iDigiTip: Touch Screen Typing Aide for Long Fingernails

Do you have large fingers that fumble every time you try to type a text message? Do you have trouble using your mobile device in the cold when your hands are protected with gloves? Are your fingernails too long for you to effectively send emails on your smartphone?

Have no fear - the iDigiTips are here! Marketed as "the digital world's most essential accessory,"  the iDigiTip aims to provide a more precise mobile experience that reduces fingerprints. Here's the lowdown on whether the iDigiTips are a good investment for you.

When we tested iDigiTips on a Blackberry Curve, it took a few minutes to get used to typing with these strange things attached to our fingers. But once we did, composing messages and looking up contacts in our phone was a lot easier. I use my thumbs to type on my Blackberry, and the iDigiTips were a bit snug on my thumbs (and I have small fingers), especially when I tried typing with gloves on. Also, it was a bit difficult to position the finger accessories so that the contact point was angled in a way to correctly maneuver the scroll function and other buttons.

On a Motorola Droid Razr, the rubber texture of the contact point made it difficult to scroll and slide using our fingers. But it was easier to type with the iDigiTips, since buttons on the virtual keypad are so small. And if you use your index fingers to type on your smartphone, the accessories fit on quite nicely. The overall awkward feel and usability of the rubber tool, though, made us hesistant to wear them for more than a few minutes. On both phones, it was necessary to press down somewhat hard on the keys to get a response from the buttons.

These finger accessories have good intentions, but, well, they're anything but "essential." And since they're marketed at $19.95, we somehow think we can live without this strange new digital accessory.