Hands-On With ASUS' Convertible Eee PC T91 and T101H

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eeeleadNote: Our full review of the T91 is now live.

After ASUS' press conference we stuck around for some alone time with the new touch enabled Eee PCs. While both the models were fairly pre-production (ASUS says they won't hit market for a few months) we still were able to toy around with the touchscreens and get some decent hands-on time with the convertible netbooks.

Eee PC T91

The 8.9 inch T91 is one of the most compact Eee PCs we have seen to date and at an inch thick and 2 pounds it is smaller and lighter than the Eee PC 901. The model on display had a black glossy lid with the usual Eee branding on the center.

Under the hood is a pretty compact keyboard, but with different feeling keys than we have seen on any of the Eee PCs. In fact the keyboard is more akin to that on the ASUS N10. The trackpad was fairly wide for an 8.9 inch netbook from ASUS.

Of course, the real appeal here is the convertible touchscreen. The 180 degree rotatable hinge swivels the screen around; it did feel a bit wobbly but given the amount of people that had their paws on the prototype we will let this slide for now and hope the final product feels durable.

What is not present on the T91 is an accelerometer that would automatically rotate the screen when in tablet mode. Unlike the Convertible Classmate PC it will not rotate when put in a vertical position. To boot, there is no external button to rotate the screen orientation. We assume ASUS will have a software stack on the tablets that will allow for rotating.

The actual responsiveness of the 1024 x 600 resolution display to finger input was solid. We didn't have to press too hard to open Windows Media Player from the desktop or move through the Start menu. We hope to get some more time during the show with a unit with closer to touch implementation. Apparently a stylus will be included but we didn't get to test that.

The T91 was running Intel's Atom Z520 processor with Windows XP. The T91 will also have a TV tuner and GPS. Check out the video below of the T91 in action.

Eee PC T101H

The hardware on the T101H has a different look and feel compared to ASUS' previous 10 inch netbooks. Similar to the T91 it has a fairly compact chassis compared to the 1000H; it seems to be around the same size as the 1002HA. The model we got some time with had a glossy black lid.

Under the cover is a whole new type of Eee PC keyboard. Reminiscent of the Apple Macbook keyboard, it is an island layout with spacing between each of the keys. Unlike some of the older Eee PC models (and by old we mean ones that came out a month ago), there was no bend or flex to the panel thanks to the new layout. Not only has the keyboard been overhauled but the trackpad is also wider and has a matte coating.


The T101H's screen is similar to the T91's but measures 10 inches. The hinge on this model felt a bit sturdier than that of the T91. The touch experience was also similar with light taps on the display registering immediatley. The T101H  also had ASUS' touch software loaded which looked to have a sleek interface, but we didn't get to go hands on with the tablet with the software running. We would love to see a touch optomized easy mode similar to that on the Classmate Convertible.

The T91 was running Intel's Atom Z520 processor with Windows XP. We assume the H at the end stands for hard drive.

Multitouch on an ASUS

Not related to the Eee PC T91 and the T101H, ASUS was showing off a N20 with a multi-touch display. We shot a quick video of it below. Again this is just a proof of concept (though we are well aware of the concept with the HP TouchSmart Tx2 and the Dell Latitude XT).

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  • sonixx Says:

    I will love 2 get 1 of these but, the thing I dont like about it is the battery is internel.... that means u have 2 send it in 2 Asau 2 get new batterys and if it gets 2 old they many not fix it so ur really SOL....

  • Louis Says:

    Gopaperless solutions is selling software "Real Estate Dashboard" and "E-Sign Dashboard" that is optimized for use on the Dell XT Tablet. Probably good that less expensive tablet is going to hit the market... hopefully it will be good for business environment because the Dell XT really is a great computer.

  • G Says:

    I can't answer your question with respect to the Asus, but I have been a tablet PC user for a few years -- and you can rest your hand on the screen while using the pen. Many tablet screens only recognizes the pen, not other touches -- so it's not so clear to me how it's going to work with this Asus model.

  • Kiro Says:

    Very interested in the Eee PC T101H. I have three questions.

    First, can someone please tell me for the love of the gods can you rest you palm on the screen while using the stylus? I have never understood that while the most obvious application for a tablet PC is to sketch or draw, you have hover your hand in an unnatural postion to use them. I am an artist and have gotten so desperate in my search for a tablet that will allow me to sketch as I would on a pad or my wacom, that the convertible Classmate PC caught my eager attention, despite being designed for young students. I am seriously considering one since it allows the palm to rest on the screen while you sketch.

    Second, I really hope Asus will offer the T101H with the same bamboo finish they offer with their U6V-V1 line.

    Lastly, will it launch with a Windows 7 upgrade option atleast? If not available from the get go.

  • TheRedFox Says:

    Looks nice, my only question is, does the T101 have a TV tuner and GPS like the T91.

  • Greg Conquest Says:

    This was not a good demonstration of the touchscreen on either one of these PC's. The first two were done while a promo app ran, so we couldn't see the touchscreen being used. In the final video, the touches were not registered half the time, and the final touch actually changed the window instead of manipulating the image. I hope the actual units perform better than the video shows.

  • spring Says:


  • Rezwan Says:

    I'm really looking forward to Eee PC T91. Usually I tend to avoid such small display laptops but this one will go great in my car because of it's built in GPS. Being a student I can also use it in lectures.

    BTW when is it coming out? Does it have a built in hard drive and will it run Windows 7?

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