Hands On: Genius Micro Traveler 900LS Super Mini 2.4GHz Wireless Notebook Mouse

Here's a mouse with some style, but beware this Speedy Gonzalez can get a little out of hand at times.

The Micro Traveler 900LS Super Mini 2.4GHz wireless notebook mouse from Genius is a practical, and lightweight accessory to complement any netbook, yet its zippy cursor may require some hand training to control.  Measuring only 7.7 centimeters long, overall this mouse is surprisingly comfortable and efficient to use. Its silver color and compact design feels modern and high-tech.

The mouse features an advanced 1600 dpi laser sensor and advanced laser engine for precision navigation. You can easily use the mouse on small surface area and still maneuver your way through your screen desktop.  However, the cursor moves very quickly across the screen, and is sometimes difficult to control. It definitely takes a little getting used to.

Micro Traveler 900LS has a little dongle chocking hazard that docks inside the mouse with a satisfying click. This accessory uses 2.4GHz digital cordless technology for a longer range (reportedly up to 10 meters away) compared to traditional wireless devices (6 foot coverage).  We tested the distance computing capabilities on an MSI P600 and the reception seemed slower and less accurate from less than 10 meters away. Things improved as we got closer to the laptop. But why would anyone need or want to use a mouse from 33 feet away (except maybe to pull a prank on someone). Forget not being able t0 see the cursor, we couldn't even see the laptop screen clearly from that far.

Genius includes one AAA battery. The Micro Traveler is compatible with Windows 7,Vista, XP, and Mac OS X or later. Overall, this $25.99 mouse is a handy tool for someone on the go or someone who doesn't have a lot of desk space to work with, as long as they don't mind being very precise with their hand movements.