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Hands-On: EA Mobile's Fightback Packs a Punch

Electronic Arts unveiled a slew of titles for Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PC and the next-generation console. But that wasn't the only thing up the publisher's sleeve. EA also offes a robust mobile lineup on the horizon. We took a tour of Electronic Arts' mobile suite and went hands-on with seven of the upcoming titles. One of the more interesting ones was a free-to-pay app called "Fightback."  The first mobile title from developer Ninja Theory, "Fightback," is a homage 80's brawlers such as "Final Fight" and "Double Dragon."

Available on Android and iOS devices this summer, players will punch, kick and shoot their way through wave after wave of thugs to rescue their kidnapped sister. Instead of using a clumsy virtual controller to navigate through the levels, the game uses a series of slashes and taps to get the job done. For example, a quick upward swipe unleashed a vicious jump kick while a quick tap delivered a devastating punch. It didn't take long until we were performing 20 hit combos and clearing the room with authority.

But "Fightback" is more than a mindless brawler. Since each level is running on a timer, clearing each section of a board takes a bit of strategy. Do you stick to throwing punches and kicks or should you whip out a gun and use some of your precious ammo? The equation gets even more complicated as we progressed farther in the game as we encountered new enemy types, including enemies that would send huge meat cleavers flying at our person.

While we enjoyed laying the smackdown on the games seemingly endless supply of goons. Our favorite part of the game were the power-ups and equipment. Instead of offering vanity items for your hard-earned money or time, every piece of clothing or tattoo augments your character's stats. Choosing guns was also fun as they were all huge and a little overpowered. Overall, gamer's nostalgic for the days of side-scrolling fighting games will get a kick out of "Fightback" when it debuts this summer.