Hands-On: Duo Pop App-cessory Brings Trivia and Word Games to the iPad

The latest app-cessory we scoped out at Toy Fair is Discovery Bay's Duo Pop, a set of "pop buttons" and a sensor for playing six different interactive games on the iPad.

Once you have the required Duo Pop hardware, you simply need to download the free app. Players use the pop buttons to buzz in for the trivia games or select letters in the word game Swoop. The included Duo sensor is what makes all this magic possible, and a quick demo at the Discovery Bay booth made it clear that this gameplay is addictive--and pretty dang competitive. Take a look at a quick round of Swoop in the video below.

The Duo Pop is already available at Apple.com, Barnes & Noble, Target and Toys R Us, and it retails for $39.99. Discovery Bay says five more games are on the way.

LAPTOP Staff Writer