G Styled: The Samsung 11-inch Series 9 Notebook, Proving Thin is In!

This week my research took place at the Samsung Experience in the Time Warner building and not at the Laptop Magazine office (so feels like it was a field trip!). There Samsung had their 2011 Spring Showcase. One of the items that caught my attention was the 11-inch Samsung Series 9 notebook. This baby is thin and quite the looker.

First off, the brushed metal black was both smooth and sexy. I like the way it oozes corporate America, but could be seen on the front row of the runway show somewhere in Milan. The build suits both day and night, like that perfect little black dress or the blazer and slacks.

Then there was the weight. Dare I say that this thing was lighter than the Macbook Air? A quick hand to hand hold leads me to believe so. The Macbook Air actually started feeling heavier than normal when compared to the Series 9.

Now, while I do feel the weight is a plus, it did give me the feel of a fake notebook when I picked it up. You know those dumb units you see in the store which aren't functional? It felt like that, but I'm sure one would be able to get over that.

The Series 9 notebook has really made me take a second look at Samsung. I see they have stepped their game up with this one and won big.

11-inch Samsung Series 9 G Style Rating: Fashion Icon

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