Google's Holiday Gift To Teachers: $99 Chromebook

Google is partnering with, a Kickstarter-like funding platform for public schools, to offer the Chromebook Series 5 to full-time teachers for just $99 this holiday season. Rather than pay for the notebooks themselves, teachers must post a project to DonorsChoose and raise money to purchase up to 30 discounted Chromebooks.

According to Google, Chromebooks are already used in over 1,000 schools, bringing Internet connectivity and the Internet's numerous educational resources directly into the classroom. The Chromebook Series 5, which was first released in 2011, is the most widely adopted model in the educational space.

Chromebooks have been getting more and more affordable recently, first with the release of the $249 Samsung Chromebook Series 3 and then with the $199 Acer Chromebook C7. The Samsung Series 5, which still retails for $429, will undercut both of these newer low-priced notebooks.

Teachers who want to take advantage of this offer need to act fast to put apply and submit their funding campaign, as the offer is only valid through December 21st, 2012. Once posted, anyone can make a donation to help each campaign reach their goal, allowing teachers to elicit the help of their communities to fill their classrooms with Chromebooks.

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