Google's Pixel Slate Could Run Chrome OS and Windows

Chrome OS isn’t the only operating system that Google’s upcoming Pixel Slate tablet will run. According to a commit spotted by 9To5Google, the tablet may also support Windows 10.

The company is reportedly testing Microsoft’s operating system on a device nicknamed “Nocturne,” which 9To5Google believes is the upcoming Pixel Slate.

This wouldn’t be a surprise, as Google is also currently working on making the Pixelbook dual-boot Windows 10 as well. Other select Chromebooks are rumored to be on their way to Windows 10-land as well, though only the Pixelbook is confirmed.

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The new Pixel Slate may be designed similarly to Microsoft’s Surface Pro, with a magnetic connector that makes it easy to attach to and detach from compatible keyboards (though it may or may not come with a keyboard of its own). Windows 10 compatibility would certainly make the tablet a more formidable competitor of Microsoft’s Surface lineup.

We should know more about the Pixel Slate (and Google's next Pixelbook) at the company's upcoming Pixel event in New York, which kicks off on Oct. 9 at 11 a.m. ET. We'll be on the ground for the event, so stay tuned for the latest news as it happens.