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Google Nexus 7 Has Magnetic Auto-Wake Sensor, Just Like Apple Smart Cover

Google hasn't listed this as an official feature on its recently unveiled Nexus 7, but it looks like the tablet sports the same auto-wake sensor we first saw in the iPad 2's Smart Cover. The sensor automatically puts the display to sleep or wakes it up, depending on whether you're covering or uncovering your slate.

Android Police got the initial scoop about intrepid YouTube user wwscoggin, who first discovered the little Easter egg hiding inside Google's tablet. In a video posted online, the user runs a magnet along the Nexus 7 tablet's bezel, and demonstrates that auto-wake is indeed enabled in a particular spot on the lower left side of the slate.

The Microsoft Surface tablet, like the iPad, will have a similar option for a magnet-based cover when it launches later this year. It's also worth noting that Google does have a cover on sale for the Nexus 7 through its Play store, but it opens right to left and doesn't appear to match the Nexus 7's magnet placement.

A representative from Google confirmed to CNET that the functionality exists in the tablet, but didn't elaborate on any plans for it.

via Android Police and CNET