Hot or Not: Which Gold Smartphone Looks Best?

Gold is the new black. At least that’s what today’s smartphone vendors are thinking. Ever since Apple unveiled its gold iPhone 5s in September, we’ve seen numerous champagne-colored Android smartphones edging into the spotlight. HTC and Samsung have been touting their luxury gold flagships for the past several months, so it’s no surprise that LG could be next.

Online retailer ePrice has reportedly spotted a golden LG G2 in Taiwan, and  reports suggest that it could launch in the country during the next several months. Would you prefer a gold LG G2? Or how about the gold-plated HTC One? Tell us which gold smartphone looks the sexiest in our poll below.

Gold Apple iPhone 5s

The gold iPhone 5s is Apple’s first attempt at straying from the standard two color options it usually offers for smartphones. The back of the handset features a brushed aluminum, matte gold finish, while the front and rear bezels are comprised of a glossy, white glass exterior. One of our favorite design elements is the thin gold trim that outlines the iPhone 5s’ face.

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24-Karat Gold HTC One

The gold-plated HTC One is more of a novelty item than a smartphone, but it’s gorgeous to look at nonetheless. Valued at $2,500, the luxury smartphone was only available as a prize in HTC’s recent New York City promotion. While the other devices on this list simply sport a gold color, this handset is actually plated with the precious material.  

Amber Gold HTC One

If a 24-karat gold smartphone is a bit too flashy for you, HTC might have something more your style.  Available in Taiwan only, the Amber Gold HTC One marries a brushed aluminum gold exterior with an attractive black trim.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Gold Edition

Samsung is offering up gold versions of its Galaxy S4 in two flavors: Gold Pink and Gold Brown. It’s unlikely that these handsets will ever hit the U.S., but the company has been promoting the device to its United Arab Emirates market. The Gold Brown variant sports chocolate-colored plastic front paired with a gold glossy back, while the Gold Pink edition features a rose-colored face. Both handsets are outlined in a gold trim as well.

LG G2 Gold

LG hasn’t made this official just yet, ePrice claims that a gold-colored LG G2 is available in  Taiwan. Judging by ePrice’s images, the gold LG G2 appears to feature a glossy gold rear while the front of the phone remains black. The Rear Key button also remains black just like the standard edition of LG’s flagship.

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