Gold iPhone 5s Selling for $1,000 on eBay

Could the champagne-colored iPhone 5s be worth its weight in gold? A search on auction site eBay shows multiple listings asking for up to $1,000 for the gold-colored 16GB phone. Although the new 5s is available in space gray and silver, it seems many shoppers are looking for more bling. 

CNN is reporting that the gold iPhone is already sold out till October, while Apple's website states that the device will be available to ship in October. None of the multiple carriers and retail outlets we called in New York City had the gold phone in stock, nor did they know when they would have it.

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We've heard news before of people being paid to wait in line for the iPhone release, but this takes gold-digging to a whole new level. eBay user politan1991 has already received 13 bids for his/her glittering phone and the current bid on that listing is $870. 

At a local AT&T Store in Times Square, a rep told us that it would be four weeks before the carrier would get in gold iPhone 5s devices. It only had the space gray version in stock.

Apart from the beautiful new color options, the iPhone 5s also features a fancy fingerprint sensor called Touch ID. Other features creating buzz include a much faster A7 processor and improved camera with dual LED flash.

Ahead of the iPhone 5c and 5s sale date, Apple released its new iOS 7 on Wednesday, but many users couldn't initially upgrade due to the overwhelming demand.  Unfortunately, it seems those looking for a gold iPhone right now will have to put a gold case on another hue.

Cherlynn Low
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