You Can Read Gmail in Yahoo Mail: Here's How

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If you're anything like the staff here at Laptop, you have multiple email addresses spread across a number of services. While the official Gmail app doesn't let you add email accounts from other providers, Yahoo has just updated its iOS and Android apps to support a number of its competitors. 

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The update to the Yahoo Mail app was released yesterday (Dec. 10), and adds support for Gmail, Outlook and AOL email accounts. Users with multiple accounts may want to try the Yahoo Mail app, as it allows you to search across every message sent to all of your accounts, a feature Yahoo is promoting as an improvement from searching "just your most recent emails, which is how it’s done in many apps today."

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The Yahoo Mail app has some benefits over the Gmail app, as you can manage messages by swiping left and right, which Google restricts to its Inbox.

This latest version of the email client also includes support for the iPad's Split View multitasking mode, in which you can slide the email app in from the right side of your tablet, and then drag it further into the screen to move back and forth between apps.

How to read Gmail in the Yahoo Mail app

1. Open the Yahoo Mail app (iOS and Android, free) and tap the Accounts icon.

01 28135614498466302. Select Add another mailbox.

02c3. Tap Google.

03 28135614498466294. Enter your email address and tap Next.

04 28135614498466295. Enter your password and tap Next. If you have two-factor authentication enabled, enter the code you receive and hit Next.

05 28135614498466296. Select Allow.

07 28135614498466297. Tap the Accounts icon.

08 2813561449846630Your Gmail account has been added. It may take some time to fill up with messages.

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