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How to Get OS X Notifications From Chrome

A new Chrome feature available in the current version (49.0.2623.110) allows users to get push notifications from OS X's native notifications, rather than the browser itself. By using the Mac platform's own Notification Center, Chrome's alerts will now follow platform features such as Do Not Disturb mode and swipe-to-hide gestures. 

The feature was announced this past Tuesday by one of the browser's developers on the bug tracker message board for Chromium, the browser that Chrome draws its source code from. This change is a logical next step for Chrome, after Google discontinued its own Notification Center app in October 2015.

Here are our step-by-step instructions for enabling Chrome's OS X notifications.

How to Get OS X Notifications From Chrome

1. Navigate to chrome://flags in Chrome.

2. Click Enable under Enable native notifications.

3. Click Relaunch Now.

Push notifications from Chrome will now be sent through OS X's native notifications.