New Video Shows the Galaxy Fold Like You've Never Seen It Before

Samsung has just released a video of the upcoming Galaxy Fold in action, giving us a never-before-seen look into the company's groundbreaking foldable phone.

The 4-minute long film details the device inside and out, starting with the exterior, paying special attention to the Galaxy Fold's unique hinge, assortment of color options and various accessories. We also get to see Wireless PowerShare in action, as the phone recharges a pair of Galaxy Buds over Qi induction.

From there, the video dives into the Galaxy Fold's interface. We see an individual use the phone's expansive 7.3-inch display to conduct a video call, and flip the device open while browsing Google Maps to get a wider view, with the help of the handset's App Continuity feature. Both the front-facing camera and triple-lens rear camera are demoed, with the latter using the entirety of that massive Dynamic AMOLED display as the viewfinder.

While certain apps and types of content won't necessarily fill the screen — a problem especially for watching video on the device — some games seem as though they'll be modified to support the Galaxy Fold's unique aspect ratio. One such title is Asphalt 9, which appears in this video taking full advantage of the phone's folding screen.

Although the Galaxy Fold's industrial design comes across very impressively in this video, our initial concerns remain. The handset looks extremely thick when shut, which will certainly negate the foldable advantage. And the exterior 4.6-inch display looks kind of ridiculous from the outside, with its obscenely large bezels and downsized UI elements to fit everything in that tiny space.

Such issues might be forgivable if the Galaxy Fold were reasonably priced. But at $1,980, they might just be more than buyers will be willing to put up with. What do you think? Feel free to sound off in the comments with your impressions.

Credit: Samsung