G Styled: The BlackBerry PlayBook - How a Tablet Should Look

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So this week a ton of BlackBerry PlayBook reviews came out, including the one right here on Laptop Magazine. I just happened to attend a BlackBerry Launch event on Thursday and was able to leave the event with the device. Now while the reviews from many sites haven't been so favorable, on the design/style tip I think the BlackBerry PlayBook is what a tablet should be.

Sure the Apple iPad, Motorola Xoom, and other upcoming tablets have larger screens. I think the PlayBook is just the right size for a decent tablet. 7 inches is good enough for me, as I'm not looking for a desktop/laptop replacement. I'm looking for a secondary quick device when I'm out on the go.

Then you have the design. You know what I'm going to say: the PlayBook has a rubberized back. Rubberized, people! So you know it has already gotten cool points because of this. The all black rubberized back looks good, with the nice little BlackBerry logo in the middle. On the front, you have a very sharp and crisp screen. Also present are speakers on the front -- the speaker cut outs don't distract from the other look and feel of the device, so this is a plus.

Overall this device just looks good, and is a classy example of the style RIM is known for when it comes to their products. While the overall reviews have been mixed, from a style and fashion aspect, this tablets rocks. So far I just like looking at it; we'll see if I like using soon enough as well!

BlackBerry PlayBook G Style Rating: Fashion Forward

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  • i told u so.com Says:

    no what joe is tryin to say is that BB playbook is a poor rip off of webos, and will never sell a damn thing since most of its features requires a BB phone. Its so flawed and with 3k apps, and if the plugin for android apps ever does come available it will wont be optimized correctly not using the correct realestate (like a emulator played on a computer). Face it BB is dead as you can see by commscore on how their marketshare continues to decline faster then a fat person metabolism. They should go ahead and start making phones with WP7 OS or Android in it.

  • Dean Says:

    What Joe is really saying is that he's ignorant.

  • joe Says:

    Ya, it looks cool. Too bad that's all it does.

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