G Styled: If It's Style vs. Performance, Style Always Wins

This week I have been asked to determine if lack of style can take precedence over performance. I had a look at the ASUS G73Jh gaming laptop -- you can check out the performance review here, but since this is G Styled, let’s dive into the looks.

First off the bat, this laptop has an ugly name. You know, I never thought in a style review I would have to mention even the name of a laptop being ugly, but this one takes the prize. Come on, the ASUS G73Jh? Bleh! That pretty much sets the tone for this laptop which is bland.

The folks here at LAPTOP Magazine really tried to make this ASUS sound cool by saying that it was a stealth fighter-inspired rig. And while, yes, it does feel like a stealth fighter, I’m going to have a different view of that.

Stealth fighter jets, or just jets in general, are cool and you wish you could fly one. This, not so much. This is stealth fighter inspired (at least to me) in the sense that it is bulky, heavy, and a big chunk of metal with an exhaust on the back. Yes, this laptop looks like it could actually take off and fly if it wanted to, but I just wouldn’t want to be seen in the pilot seat.

Now, to be fair, I did notice some “cool” elements about this laptop. For one it has this neon blue accent lighting under the screen, but it is slightly hidden. I would need to see it in the dark as I think that has cool potential. Also, the keyboard is backlit which is cool, but it would have been even cooler if you could change the color of it like the Alienware M11x I saw a couple weeks back. And last, the rubberized feel of the laptop was nice-feeling when holding it.

I did load up a game on there to see the performance side of the machine. And yes, it is all they claimed it to be. The ASUS G73Jh (I really hate saying that name) may not be the prettiest of the group, but it gets the job done. Would I buy this laptop if I was a gamer? I’m going to pass, because while power is definitely needed, I want to look good while I’m beating you as well!

ASUS G73Jh G Style Rating: Hot Mess

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