G Styled: The Alienware M11x Has The Power, But Does It Have The Look?

Everyone needs a bit of style advice in their life, especially if the only style decisions you ever make have to do with the color of your MacBook cover. To bring a bit more vogue into our world we've invited Jason Anderson, publisher of G Style Magazine, to contribute a weekly post on laptop and gadget panache.

I'll be honest with you: when I first looked at the Alienware M11x I thought it was an ugly duckling. Then I put my hands on it and was able to look at it from all angles: top, bottom, side to side, and underneath. Just like the ugly duckling turned out to be a beautiful Swan, the M11x turned out to be a beautiful, futuristic swan.

When you look at the M11x from the front, it reminds me of some kind of futuristic concept car. Think of that Lexus from the movie I, Robot -- kind of like that. While I do think this model (which came in a plain gray finish called Lunar Shadow) needs a new coat of paint, it really is a nice looking laptop when you spend some time with it.

The outside is just the start of this bad boy. Once you open the lid, prepare to be blown away. I'll say one word: Tron. Maybe it's because my current wallpaper on my laptop is from Tron Legacy, but the minute I saw the keyboard with the power turned on I thought of Tron. Once the power is on, the M11x goes from being a hot laptop to nuclear! Alienware's control panel, which consists of Aliensense, Alientouch, Alien Fusion, and AlienFx, has really nice touches. My favorite is AlienFX as this lets you tweak out all the backlighting colors.

Now when I say all, I mean it! The two front "headlights", the keyboard, the alien head power button, and the Alienware name plate. I absolutely LOVE this! I'm a person that is big on customization and having all of these backlighting options is great. I can literally have my laptop look blue one day and pink another (not that I would put it in pink...). This is truly the killer feature in terms of style for me.

Would I recommend this laptop for the stylin’? Hell yeah!

Alienware M11x G Style Rating: Fashion Forward