G Styled: ASUS N82JQ - For When You're In The Mood To Style And Profile

This week I stopped by to check out the ASUS N82JQ laptop. After the full review went up, I thought I'd come in with the style report.

The N82JQ (what is up with these names? They should do like phones carriers and call them something cool) is a very nice looking notebook. I was even more impressed when I was told it could be used for gaming.

The laptop has a nice copper-ish color with a very interesting pattern to it on the top lid and under the hood on the touchpad and above the keyboard -- you have to get really close to see it in detail. I do like that ASUS has decided at least in part to continue the design from the cover to the inside. I often hate that, when your laptop is closed it looks great, but when opened it turns boring.

Besides the style on the cover, deck and touchpad, it’s a pretty standard affair. Nothing special about the keyboard, though I like the feel of it.

The ASUS N82JQ makes for a nice looking mainstream laptop, and for an even cooler gaming machine. If you are a hardcore gamer, this might not be your first choice, though it would be good as a nice secondary laptop. If you are a casual gamer I would definitely check this out.

Think about it this way: if you’re rich and own multiple cars, this may not be your everyday car, but the N82JQ is a nice looking weekend car or for when you’re in the mood to style and profile.

ASUS N82JQ G Style Rating: Fashion Forward

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