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First Image of BlackBerry Milan Smartphone Revealed

The first tentative details emerged yesterday about smartphone manufacturer RIM’s upcoming  BlackBerry handset, the Milan. According to, where the leaked picture first appeared, the Milan will be a slider device that features a full qwerty keyboard. The navigation buttons seen on previous versions of the BlackBerry – the trackpad and call, hang up, back, and menu buttons – have disappeared, suggesting that future BlackBerry phones will behave more similarly to the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Instead the Milan boasts a large touch screen with a much higher resolution than previous iterations of the BlackBerry, bringing the phone’s display into the modern world of HD touch screens that Android and iPhone users have enjoyed for years. What’s more, BlackBerry users can expect to enjoy all of these features on the new BlackBerry 10 OS.

Blackberry also announced this week that the name of its new mobile OS, originally called BBX, had officially changed to BlackBerry 10. The change comes after the courts upheld a trademark infringement suit against RIM by BASIS International for its use of the name BBX, which has been using the name since 1985 for its own products. Despite RIM’s upbeat tone about the name change, this setback only pours salt into the company’s wounds after a disastrous launch of its PlayBook tablet and overall declining sales. Perhaps the eventual launch of the BlackBerry Milan, which looks to mirror the Android and iPhone, will help revive the flagging brand.