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Facebook Working on App That Shows Nearby Friends

The next time you're at happy hour and want to continue the fun, you can find your nearby friends with the touch of a button. Bloomberg reports that Facebook is in the stages of developing a new smartphone app that will allow users to track their friends who are nearby, so you can hang out with someone a block away rather than traveling all the way uptown.

The Nearby function within the Facebook app already performs this function to a certain extent: After giving Facebook your location, you can see what places are close to you and which of your Facebook friends have visited there. Also, if your friend has just checked in at that location, Nearby will tell you that person is currently there.

However, this app, which will supposedly be released in mid-March, would operate even when it's not open on a user's smartphone. So instead of going into your Facebook app, selecting Nearby and scrolling through to see where your friends may be or have been in the past, it sounds like Facebook's new app would give users real-time updates of location-based information.

Plus, the app could also feature location-based ads, so users will only see content that's related to places they go or their interests. This information was confirmed by two anonymous sources, so you may want to take it with a grain of salt.