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Facebook to Show Off Redesigned News Feed

Facebook sent out invitations today to a reveal of a redesigned News Feed.

This announcement comes just hours after a new Timeline design was spotted in beta on some accounts in New Zealand. That new single-column Timeline design moves status updates and shared content to the right rail of the page and the ‘About’ section shifts over to the left.

As points out, New Zealand is a common testbed for new Facebook updates, but so far there's no word from down under about a new News Feed. 

Last month, the social networking giant revamped their search capabilities, rolling out Graph Search to a handful of testers. The Graph Search feature allows incredibly granular searches for all sorts of things. For instance, “Music liked by people who like Mitt Romney,” “photos of friends in national parks,” “dentists liked by my friends” or “languages my friends speak” points out some pretty interesting connections. For the first beta version of Graph Search, Facebook focused on people, photos, places and interests.

Stay tuned for our report on whatever Facebook reveals next week.