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Facebook Slingshot Video Messenger To Take on Snapchat

Watch your back Snapchat; Facebook is gunning for you. Zuckerberg's social network is reportedly working on a Snapchat-like video messaging service called Slingshot that will live outside of Facebook's Messenger app.

The offering, which is still in development according to the Financial Times, may launch later this month. Others, however, say the app may never see the light of day. Slingshot is said to function by letting users long press a person's name in their contact list and selecting the video they want to send.

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Slingshot is Facebook's latest of several attempts to neutralize or take on Snapchat. Initially, Facebook attempted to buyout Snapchat for $1 billion, but was turned down by the company's creators Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. Facebook came back with a secondary offer for $3 billion, but was again dismissed.

Since then, Zuckerberg's crew has been working on ways to duplicate the ephemeral messaging service with apps of its own. The company's first attempt, Poke, failed to garner as much attention as Snapchat and was ultimately killed earlier this month. 

Snapchat's latest update, which brought video messaging to the service, was wildly popular among younger users, a segment Facebook wants to hold on to. Will Slingshot be able to do that when and if it is released? We'll have to wait to see.

via: Financial Times