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Facebook to Integrate Skype Video Chat Next Week

This week, Mark Zuckerberg told reporters that Facebook would be unveiling an "awesome" product next week and followed through by inviting reporters to a July 6th launch event. Now, if Michael Arrington of TechCrunch is right, we know what that product is, a version of Skype video chat that will run in the Facebook window.

According to Arrington there will be an installable Skype / Facebook app in addition to a Skype window in the browser (our mock above). No word on whether existing Skype users will need to install this app in addition to their current versions of Skype.

Adding Skype video chat seems like a wise move for Facebook as it gives the social network an important function that Google already has with its Gtalk client. This also aligns Facebook even more closely with Microsoft, which owns shares in the company and is planning to acquire Skype soon.

via TechCrunch