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Facebook Rolls Out Mobile Security Enhancements

Facebook has introduced three new features to bolster the security of its hundreds of millions of members accessing the site on their smartphones.

The first new improvement is the Code Generator, designed to make it easier for smartphone users to confirm logins made on new devices.

"Before, if you had any difficulties receiving SMS or had poor cellular service, it was often tough to use Login Approvals easily," Facebook wrote on its security blog. An extra security step, the Login Approval feature requires users to enter a special code each time they access Facebook from a new computer or mobile device.

With Code Generator, "users will be able to receive Login Approval codes through your Facebook Application, without waiting on an SMS." The Code Generator will work even if the user has no cellular or Internet access.

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Currently, Code Generator is available on Android devices; Facebook is working to expand the feature to other smartphones and tablets.

Smartphone social networkers can now also report unwanted or inappropriate content to Facebook directly from their mobile device. This flag and report function exists on computers, but until now hasn't been available on phones.

The third security improvement enables users whose accounts have been compromised to lock them, and reset their password, from their smartphone, a feature previously  available only on computers.

"Did someone add an unwanted email to your account? Now you can lock down your account and clean up any damage done using your phone," Facebook explained. "Did a hacker login from across the globe? You can review that login and reset your password on your phone."

Facebook also enabled its social authentication tool to work on smartphones. Unlike traditional captcha password authenticators, social authentication asks users to verify their identity by naming people in their photos.

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