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Facebook, Netflix, Pandora, and More Coming To Amazon Kindle Fire

With a dual-core processor, the super-slick Silk browser, and a killer $199 price, Amazon's Kindle Fire has already positioned itself as an Android tablet to be reckoned with. And now Amazon's kicking it up one more notch, announcing that the 7-inch slate will give users access to top Android apps and games.

Any tablet worth its salt supports popular apps such as Facebook, Netflix, and Twitter. Though it won't provide access to the Android Market, when it ships next Tuesday the Fire will offer access to to apps such as the aforementioned social networks, plus Netflix, Rhapsody, Pandora, and The Weather Channel—all via the e-tailer's content stores.

Kindle Fire users won't be wanting for gaming options. Amazon says EA Games, Gameloft, PopCap, Rovio, and Zynga will be on board with some of their top titles. Other must-haves such as Bloomberg, Fruit Ninja, and IMDB Movies will be available. The icing on the cake? Fire owners can download all these goodies via Amazon's 1-click payment technology, which rivals other app stores' ease of use.

The expectations just keep mounting for this slate, so be sure to check back soon for our in-depth review.