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Facebook is Adding the Ability to Edit Comments

Every Facebooker has experienced that "Oh no!" moment that occurs when, a split second after you leave a comment on a post, you realize it has a glaring spelling or grammatical error smack dab in the middle of it, often thanks to an overzealous auto-correction function on your phone. Up until now, you only had two options: sigh and leave it be, or run through the tedious copy-delete-paste-edit-repost comment cycle.

Those frustrating days will soon be behind us, however, as Facebook has finally decided to implement the ability to edit comments.

The Next Web reports that Facebook is slowly rolling the new feature out to all users, but it could take a couple of days to reach everybody. The feature's already popped up in my feed and I've spent some time playing with it to test its limits.

It's very straightforward. A new pencil icon appears in the upper-right corner of any comments you've made, replacing the older X that only allowed you to delete your post. Clicking on the icon brings up options to either edit or delete the comment. Editing a comment works the same as posting a new one.

Before you get any nefarious ideas, note that an "Edited" link appears at the bottom of any comment you've fiddled with, right next to the time stamp. Clicking on the link brings up the full revision history for the comment.

The editing ability is retroactive and you'll be able to tidy up past grammatical errors that have been haunting your sleep at night, even if you posted the comment years ago. Full-fledged status updates still can't be tweaked after publishing them, only deleted. Google+ allows users to edit both comments and posts.