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Facebook iPad App Unearthed by iPhone App Update

By changing a UIDevice code on an iPad, TechCrunch uncovered a real and much awaited iPad app for Facebook. The Facebook for iPhone app was updated to 4.3.3 late yesterday to fix a few minor bugs, and as a result the easter egg of the iPad version was found.

The iPad app is written in HTML5 and appears to work quite well with photo viewing and Places. From the left-column navigation, other menus pop up to allow you to interact with various Facebook features.  In horizontal mode there are additional features available for chat and messaging with friends. When you flip the iPad horizontally, the list of your online friends appears and you can chat with them as you do other things on Facebook. The update and new app do not currently allow for gaming enhancements.

We can now assume this is one of the new launches that Mark Zuckerberg hinted at during the Skype video chatting integration announcement. We can't wait to see what else he has up his sleeve. TechCrunch has also said it "confirmed with a source" that this app is the same one that will be officially launched by the social network.

Can't wait for the official release and have a jail-broken iPad laying around? Check out this how-to video.

Via TechCrunch and Limera1n