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Facebook Hopes to Protect Teens on Graph Search

The search giant recently made it super easy to cyberstalk folks on Facebook, thanks to its new Graph Search feature, which is still in limited beta. While the feature allows you to search for profile items of other people things that are liked by those people, it didn't have any protections for teens on Facebook. That is, until now. Today the new search tool received some age-based restrictions.

Specifically, teens profile data cannot be shared with the broad public. At most your friends of friends can see what your teen likes, your teens photos and relationship status. And when Facebook users perform a search that might reveal a teen's location or age, those results will only be available to friends of friends who are also between the age of 13 and 17.

None of this prevents a true sicko from creating a fictional account and friending a bunch of teenagers, but it's better than nothing, particularly considering the Graph Search feature isn't something you can opt out of. You can, however, encourage your teen to lock down their profile so that all items are only shared with actual friends.