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Facebook Graph Search Beta Mass Roll Out Begins

While some Facebook users have been toying with Graph Search for six months now, everyone is getting it today. Any change is scary and unwanted by many regular Facebook users, but some will appreciate that Graph Search beta makes it easier to search for people, photos and places based on the connections made by your friend group. 

At the top of the new Facebook design is a universal search bar that says "Search for people, places and things." In here you can type any number of search string questions such as "who of my friends lives in San Francisco," "music liked by people who like Mitt Romney" or even "dentists liked by my friends." 

Since its initial release, Facebook has improved the speed of search results through Graph Search. It also does a better job of prioritizing relevant results first, and the search box is bigger than before. 

The engine is now even smarter than before. It's still smart enough to autofill options and auto correct when it needs a different language to complete the search, but now it understands more ways of asking questions. For instance, searching “restaurants in San Francisco liked by my Indian friends” auto changes to “restaurants in San Francisco liked by my friends from India.” When Facebook doesn't have a relevant result for your search, it will default to Bing for a Web search for that same search string. 

This new Graph Search, while still in beta, does bring with it a few privacy concerns. For example, it did just get much easier to stalk your best friends friends. You can now search "friends with friends who are single women." But by following a few simple steps to protect your privacy and limiting what fiends in your profile that you fill out, you can lock yourself out of such searches. Facebook did build in some extra privacy tools under Privacy Shortcuts at the top right of the page.