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Facebook for iOS Gets Instagrammy

Mere days after rumors of Twitter's desire to add photo filters to its camera function first surfaced, Facebook has beaten its rival to the punch, merging the myriad image filters found in its stand-alone Facebook Camera app into the full-fledged iOS Facebook app. The new addition may have truly been a last-second response to the Twitter news; filters aren't even mentioned in the version 5.1 release notes.

The photo filter functionality fully mirrors the design and options found in the Camera app. Most of the 13 available filters are fairly subtle, designed to boost contrast and hue or appeal to fans of the retro look. In addition to the new filters, iOS-based Facebookers can now rotate and crop pictures as well as upload photos in batches.

Facebook version 5.1 adds a few additional features Android users have had for a while, including compatibility with the new Gifts beta test and the ability to pull up a Messenger chat list with your available buddies by swiping in from the right side of the screen.

Interested? Head over to the App Store, where Facebook version 5.1 is already available.

Via TechCrunch and The Verge