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Eyes-On With '2D Glasses,' a Creative Remedy for 3D Illness

If you're like me, part of the unlucky ten percent of the population that gets a headache or feels nauseous when watching 3D pictures, then listen up, because relief is finally here.

Hank Green, one of the men behind the popular YouTube channel VlogBrothers, has created a pair of glasses that turns 3D images back to 2D. This simple invention promises to stop all 3D induced ailments, such as headaches and nausea, that plague some people. It's also good for people, like Roger Ebert, who just dislike 3D movies on principle but are forced to see them anyway. Read on to see how well these 2D glasses work.

3D works by placing two different images on the screen at the same time. One lens in the 3D glasses blocks one image, while the other lens blocks the other image. So, when you are watching a 3D movie, each eye is seeing a different picture and your brain has to work in order to fit the two images together. The 2D glasses work by blocking the same image in both lenses, making your favorite movie or show 2D and eliminating the source of  discomfort.

This sounds great. However the glasses only work with passive shutter technology, which relies on software and doesn't use powered glasses. So, don't bother buying 2D glasses for a trip to the IMAX or for television or computers that use ATI or Nvidia technology, such as the HP Envy 17 or the ASUS G51J, because these use active shutter technology that sends a signal to powered glasses.

We gave the glasses a test run on the Fujitsu AH572, which uses passive shutter 3D technology. We watched clips of horses frolicking on a beach in 3D first, before switching to the 2D glasses. The surprising thing is that it actually works very well. The image is crisp and bright, the color is better than when watched in 3D, and best of all, I didn't feel like I was going to vomit all over my shoes.

This is a great invention for anyone who gets talked into going to see the latest 3D movie or whose partner has decided to invest in a 3D laptop. You can purchase the 2D glasses for $7.99 at