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EasyDok CR19 Alarm Clock/Dock Charges Three Devices At One Time

Is a dock that charges up to three tablets or smartphones at the same time overkill, or just an accurate necessity for our gadget-packed lives? Soon, you can judge for yourself.

Devices-maker EasyDoks this week announced the CR19, an alarm clock dock that at first glance looks akin to any ole dock. On deeper inspection though, the CR19 packs three ports for charging any Apple or micro-USB device, works as a sound system and includes a Bluetooth keyboard.  

Think of it as the gadget accessory for super-techies that come home with a dead iPad, Galaxy Note and mp3 player and want to send emails with their tablet docked on their desktop. Just make sure said super-techie gets their mileage out of the device. Priced at $84.99, the CR-19 won't come cheap, but it does pack a bevy of tricks like an internal cord management system, AC/DC and battery power, FM radio capability and an intelligent charging system that adjusts the wattage for each specific device (so your smartphone doesn't short out due to an over-charge).

Easy Doc says the CR19 will hit online versions of K-Mart, Sears and Target as well as and the company's own site in February 2012. The company will also attend CES 2013 with a six-gadget charging dock in tow. We'll be there too, so look for our hands-on impressions during the show.