Dell's Latitude E6410 and E6510 Laptops Offer Intel Core i5 and i7, Colorful Lids to Business Customers

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Today, Dell announced some refreshes to its mainstream business notebooks, the new Latitude E6410 and E6510. As part of the Latitude line, the E6410 and E6510-- 14- and 15-inch laptops, respectively-- are designed for businesses that have IT staffs.

These, in particular, upgrade to Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors, which is what pretty much every notebook maker is doing for all of its notebooks, consumer or business. These also upgrade to faster DDR3 RAM, Nvidia graphics with 512MB dedicated video memory, and an optional battery that guarantees a three-year lifespan (that's about 1,000 full charges).

Like other Latitudes, this one is made of a trifecta of metals: magensium alloy casing, steel reinformcements on the interior chassis, and zinc-reinforced hinges. It also adds a backlit keyboard and colored lids (red and blue are the fun options; black, the safe one) for a dash of style.

With these notebooks, Dell is also trying to beef up its multimedia experience, something buttoned-up business notebooks aren't exactly known for. Dell's added a 3-MP webcam, and improved microphones and speakers (we'll be the judge of that in our review). Dell has also gone out of its way to make the AC adapter lighter, something travelers care about.

The 14-inch Latitude E6410 starts at $1,1129; the 15-inch E6510 starts at $1,164. Both are available today.

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  • Kertin Says:

    I want to echo what Maggie--the Latitude E6410 is prone to lock up. Out of the 5 Latitude E6410 that I bought recently, 2 had problem locking up randomly. Dell diagnostic utilities found no hardware issue. Dell agree to service them with refurbished parts (motherboard, hard-drive, palm rest, etc.)

    One is from a retail store. Even though it kept locking up since I opened the box two weeks ago, Dell won't do an exchange, citing that the original invoice (to the store) is more than 30 days old.

    Had been a loyal customer, have bought over 20 systems from Dell. Only ran into problem with the Latitude E6410.

    Avoid this system. If you have to buy, don't go to retail store. If you do buy one, make sure to test it heavily during the first 30 days.

  • Allen Says:

    I have had this laptop in i5 540M, 3100NVS configuration for the last 9 months. I am very pleased with this machine. Build quality is on a par with the (indestructible) Lenovo Thinkpads, which I used previously. On the software front, I have no problems whatsoever with either Windows 7 Pro or Ubuntu Linux on this machine. For the money paid, I think it represents money well spent. (ESATA, Displayport, DVD DL burning support.) Even the mid 2010 MacBook Pros are not as highly specified. I think as Dell had been making poor quality machines for some time, somebody at Dell finally realised that they needed to focus on quality again and made it happen. To sell them, keep the price lower and win back the customers.

    To maggie: update your BIOS to version A05. There was a known issue with one of the earlier versions which was fixed in this release.

  • maggie Says:

    Worst laptop I ever have. I used about 5 laptops and this is the worst one ever.

    The machine just freeze and black screen for no reason several times within two weeks I got it. The problem is not unique, my colleagues who use this laptop also has similiar problem.

  • tasminia Says:

    DELL e6410 price is dropped to 699USD, due to its poor quality.

    But in Australian, the price is 2600AUD (about 2400 USD).

  • Bethy Says:

    I'm still shopping for the right laptop for me and my dad, and everyplace I look at Dells, I keep seeing this Charles Yin with this copy and paste verbatim statement just as he left above.

  • Jimmyisa Says:


    i am also interested to purchase the same model with same configuration.

    It seem like the limitation is on the CPU itself as Intel i7 CPU only support 2 channel 800 or 1066MHz memory type as claim in their website.

    So, Dell is cheating you or their customer in this case.

  • Jayant Says:

    Yeah,Now-a-days most of the dell services in most countries are cheating a little...But remember this is a tatics of making anyone buy.As dell is the only company which gives so much at this price so a little cheating is nessasary[I am a dell's salesman.Just a dell user]..I am also going to buy this E6410 but not with the modifications[I'll do that when nessasary].But I don't advice you to stop buying it....It's one of the best option anyone can get...

  • Charles YIN Says:

    Hi all,
    I just got my new laptop Dell Latitude E6410 i7-620M with DDR3-1333 8GB memory.
    Today I realize, the CPU couldn't support DD3-1333 and only can support DDR3-1066. So from BIOS, you only can see DDR3-1067 even you have put the DDR3-1333 memory in your laptop. I have called Dell China service center but they only told me "no matter what you buy, we won't guaranty you can use the max. performance".
    I really disappoint about Dell service altitude.

    From the web site, you won't see any notice about the memory only can support DDR3-1066 even you use the i7-620M(this is the fastest CPU you can put on E6410). I found this from Intel web site.
    I can't believe Dell do the cheating way Again.

    If you want to buy new E6410, be careful your PO and check what you got from Dell.

    I won't buy Dell any product any more!

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