Dell Latitude E6420 is Lots of Brawn and Lots of Brains

No coffee spills or downstairs tumbles can phase this laptop: the Dell Latitude E6420 XFR is a hardcore machine whose rugged design pairs with fast performance, making it a gem for those who can survive the major bank account hit that comes with it. Cashing in at $5,612, this tough 14-inch computer can handle 6-foot drops and wind-blown rain. Its Intel Core i7 processor is teamed up with a very bright display and a long battery life - all the must-have traits for anyone working in outdoor or hazardous environments.

We didn't just beat up the outside of this computer in our testing - we also pelted the E6420 with some daunting computing tasks, all of which it handled with much grace. Overall performance almost doubled the category average, and file transfer times scooped a faster time than competition. It didn't come without a price though, as the underside of the notebook started to heat up to temperatures we weren't a fan of.

While the E6420 is certainly unique among most laptops, it's not alone in the tough-top market. See our full review of Dell's rough-and-tumble station to see if it can withstand the harshness of the retail market.

LAPTOP contributor