Dell Debuts World's First 17-inch 2-in-1

Can you think of a reason why 2-in-1s should be restricted to 15-inches and under? I know I can't, and it seems that Dell couldn't either, so it went ahead and created the Inspiron 17 7000 2-in-1, the world's first 17-inch hybrid.

When you think about it, a 17-inch 2-in-1 isn't as crazy as it seems. While transforming it from mode to mode can be a little cumbersome, a big 2-in-1 can do everything a traditional clamshell can, and a whole lot more. And with a starting price of $899, it's not super expensive either. You can even spec out the 17 7000 2-in-1 with an Nvidia GPU, so you can have a big tablet for some family gaming while also serving as a light video editing machine too.

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In addition to a big sturdy hinge, the Inspiron 17 7000 2-in-1 features your choice of sixth-gen Intel Core i CPUs, a full HD display, an infrared camera with Windows Hello integration, and a USB 3.0 port with a Type-C connector that can be used for data transfer or recharging the system.

For those that aren't enticed by the idea of a plus-sized 2-in-1s ,Dell also has 13 and 15-inch Inspiron 7000s for you to choose from.

At Dell's announcement event at Computex 2016, I got a chance to check out the whole Inspiron 7000 2-in-1 lineup for myself. I was impressed with the Inspiron 7000 2-in-1's brushed aluminum body, which lends the laptop  a more premium feel than the less expensive and plastic-bodied Inspiron 13 and 15 5000 2-in-1s.

 I was also pleasantly surprised by the viewing angles and color saturation that I saw across all three Inspiron 7000 2-in-1 displays.

As someone who thinks that almost everyone's next laptop should be a 2-in-1, I find the prospect of a 17-inch hybrid exciting, and I'm a bit surprised that it has taken the industry this long to produce one. But with the Inspiron 17 7000's launch date set for May 31, we won't have to wait very long for a new wave of big hybrids to finally arrive.