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Bad Intel: Smartphone Rumors That Never Came True

Smartphone rumors run rampant when a major phone release is coming. It already happened twice in 2014 with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8, and now it's Apple's turn with the iPhone 6.

Of course, you can't believe everything you read. Even though speculators can sometimes get things right, it often turns out that the manufacturers aren't on the same page with those spreading rumors. Here is some smartphone hearsay that never panned out.

Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S series from Samsung has included some of the most popular Android smartphones, and this year the company released the S5. The new flagship has a lot to boast about, including an enhanced camera and water resistance. But the S5 is a bit lacking in the design department.

Word on the street was that Samsung would take cues from HTC's original One and give the company's new flagship a sleek metal case, with other gossip claiming it would have a faux-leather back like the Galaxy Note 3. Neither of these predictions came to be; the S5 is made from soft-touch plastic. Not a bad trade, but it sure isn't metal or faux-leather. The good news (if you believe rumors) is that Samsung is supposedly working on an S5 Prime with a metal display.

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Galaxy Note 3

This Samsung phone failed to deliver on all the made-up promises that were floating around the Web. Potentially to the dismay of enthusiastic and uninformed users, this phablet is NOT unbreakable. 

Word going around before the Note 3's release predicted the phone would have a flexible display, making the device unbreakable. The phone lacked such a bendable touch screen, so you shouldn't test the theory.

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iPhone 5s

Ask any tech writer, and you'll hear that iPhone stories are SEO gold. So much buzz gets around about Apple devices before their release that it's hard to pick which bit of hearsay to highlight.

Taking a look at a more recent addition to the iFamly, the iPhone 5s was reported to have wireless-charging capabilities and different dimensions, among other things. Another letdown was the lack of Near Field Communication (NFC). This component allows devices to emit signals directly to one another when in contact or close proximity. There is no reason to believe Apple will include this capability in the upcoming iPhone 6, but iFans can dream, can’t they?

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Windows Phone

Microsoft will launch Windows Phone 8.1 in the near future, and a lot of buzz has accompanied the big release. There is no need for speculation on what the new mobile OS will offer, because the features have been announced — but that hasn't stopped some from making (erroneous) predictions.

Windows Phone is trying to build its brand with an Action Center, a customizable Start screen and the

Siri alternative Cortana. But Microsoft isn't taking away from its brand's credibility by using apps from another OS, as some have claimed. 

Sorry folks, Android apps are not coming to Windows Phone, despite reports from The Verge. The third-place mobile OS faces a big hurdle in getting developers on board to make apps for the platform, but allowing the use of the competition's apps doesn’t seem to be the solution.