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Colorful M-Edge New Nook Covers Arrive in Time for Back to School

Students don't want to stare at a dull gray exterior on their new Nook day-in and day out. They want to stand out on campus. That's where one of these colorful covers from M-Edge comes in. These cases may be just what your budding academic needs to bring style to their new device, while also keeping it protected. The interior secures the eReader in place with straps while the leather exterior provides a touch of sophistication.

The most popular style, according to the company, is the purple Executive Jacket for those who want to keep their Nook buttoned up in the classroom. It retails for $39.99.  For those whose Nook needs a little more protection, there is the $34.99 Latitude Jacket. This black case protects her device from water and dirt inside a zippered compartment made from a lightweight and easy-to-clean ballistic nylon material.

And if she just wants a touch of color, check out cotton/canvas-covered Trip Jacket that holds the Nook in with elastic straps. Priced at $34.99, this case comes in a variety of colors including Red, Pink, and Carbon Fiber Black.