Clik for iOS and Android Lets You Throw Video onto Any Screen with a Browser

We've all been there. You're gathered around with some friends at a coffee shop or your apartment when somebody pipes up, "Hey, have you guys seen that new Avengers trailer?" Nope, you haven't. "Here, let's see it!" Your friend grabs the laptop sitting on the table and starts a lengthy YouTube search. There must be a better way.

As of today, there is--thanks to Clik, a new app released from the developers of heavyweight messaging app Kik Messenger. Clik lets you connect your smartphone to any web browser--whether it's on your Smart TV, laptop, tablet or mobile phone--and throw video onto the shared screen. Sound confusing? Check out our description below or view a video walk-through at the bottom of this post.

Here's how it works: First, you navigate to on any browser-enabled screen. A unique QR code is generated each time you visit the site. Then, you launch Clik on your smartphone. The camera on your device is triggered, letting you scan the code and connect to the screen.

Now the phone acts as your remote control. Three tabs along the bottom of the screen give you different ways to choose a video and project it onto the screen. There's Favorites, which lists videos you've previously earmarked; Browse, which lets you peruse videos sorted into lists like Trending, Most Viewed Today, etc.; and Search, which lets you search the entire trove of clips on YouTube. Once you start playing a video, you'll also see controls for playing or pausing a clip, adjusting the volume and marking the current video as a favorite.

It gets even better: Clik has developed a way to let your friends share in the fun. Just touch the tiny "clik" button on the top left corner of the app. It brings up a new screen with a big button in the center, "Show Clik Code." Tap on that, and the same unique QR code earlier generated by the website shows up, letting another friend with the app scan it and share the connection--there's no limit to how many people can "clik" in. Afterward, they can manage the video playlist, too.

As of today's launch, Clik has only outed an app that hinges on YouTube's domain of videos--but they're inviting both content providers and developers to utilize this new platform. Considering the multiplayer aspect of the app, it's easy to realize how great the potential is: Use Clik at an office party to play music videos instead of hiring a DJ, use it to play a game with multiple users, or simply kick back and watch a series of videos at home.

The app is free and available on both iOS and Android platforms right now. You can grab a copy for yourself here.