Chromebooks Are Finally Getting This Windows Feature

As Google gets more and more serious about Chrome OS, we're seeing the system gain new tricks (many in the Google Pixel Slate). Its latest new option though, looks to be a feature that's surprisingly not there right now, according to a new report.

MSPowerUser reports that there's a new flag in the upcoming Chrome OS 72 named "enable-myfiles-volume," and enabling it turns your hard drive into a strict read-and-write drive. This opens you up to creating new folders and placing files anywhere you please, which Chrome OS always should have had. 

What's unclear, though, is if this change means Chrome OS will no longer automatically purge files if your storage gets filled up. All of these current behaviors of Chrome OS stem from the fact that Chromebooks were originally designed for online use; Google never intended for users to keep a lot of files on their system.

Since its birth, Chrome OS has gone beyond its original, simplistic goals. The platform gained Android app emulation via the Google Play store, and we've seen Chromebooks — such as the Google Pixelbook and the forthcoming HP Chromebook x360 — designed for more demanding users with premium price tags to match.