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Chevy OnStar 4G LTE Corvette Hands-on: Fast Car, Faster Connection

Chevy's Corvette is certainly a speed demon, but drivers may soon be swooning over the pace of its data connection rather than its ability to burn rubber. That's because the super car will be one of a host of Chevy vehicles that will launch with its own AT&T 4G LTE connectivity later this year.

The move doesn't just bring high-speed data into Chevy's lineup, though. It allows the automaker to offer its new curated AppShop in-car app store. We went hands-on with a connected Corvette and were impressed with what Chevy and AT&T have cooked up.

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If you've been behind the wheel of a Chevy equipped with the automaker's MyLink infotainment system in the past year, you may not notice much of a difference when you lay eyes on a OnStar 4G LTE-equipped vehicle. That's because Chevy was able to add AT&T's 4G LTE connection to its existing setup without having to make any noticeable modifications. You will, however, see some new apps including Priceline, The Weather Channel, TuneIn, Slacker, EvenSeeker and Kaliki.

Each of the apps lives in your car's infotainment system, so you don't have to connect your handset to the vehicle to access them. As a result, you log into each app, with your car parked, obviously, as you would from your smartphone. We were surprised by how fast image-heavy apps such as The Weather Channel and EventSeeker loaded over AT&T's network, especially while in-doors. It took just seconds for The Weather Channel app to load a live doppler radar of our exact location, and even less time for TuneIn to pull up a list of our favorite radio stations.

AT&T says those who signup for Chevy's OnStar 4G LTE service will be able to add the plan to their existing Mobile Share plans. What's more, users will be able to share the connection with up to seven devices without having to pay an additional fee as you would for your smartphone. Exact pricing has not yet been announced for the OnStar 4G LTE plan, but we're expecting to hear more in the near future. Stay Tuned.