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Your Next Car Could Be Connected To The Cloud

You may have paid a little more to opt for the tablet with cellular connectivity, but would you do the same for your next car? The automotive research firm SBD predicts that most, if not all, new cars will be connected to the cloud by 2025, making our vehicles as smart as the smartphones in our pocket.

The connected car market could be worth almost $53 million globally in 2018, up from $24 million in 2012. It is estimated that as much as 83 percent of this revenue, around $43 million, will be a result of embedded SIM technology, the same technology that brings mobile connectivity to tablets.

Constant connectivity will power a range of advanced services, such as safety features, security, infotainment, traffic information, navigation and vehicle diagnostics. While many of these services are available today through third-party products and apps, SBD believes that these features will be standard in the vehicles of the future.

However, the future of the automobile industry is still to be determined. Google is making large strides in a slightly different direction, creating a fleet of self-driving cars that could eliminate the element of driver errors. Whether automated or user-controlled, there's no doubt that technology will play a much larger role in our cars in the near future.