Call Snap Lets You Decline Calls with a Picture

Few things are more inconvenient than receiving a phone call at a time when you can't answer it. Declining the call without a response is rude, and sending a text can take too long. But TIP Solutions wants to make declining calls a lot easier and a bit more fun with its new Call Snap app. The software, which is available for free through the Google Play store , lets you send a photo of your surroundings to any caller to let them know exactly why you can't talk right this second.

Call Snap works by augmenting your Android smartphone's dialer and adding a Call Snap slider. When you get a call, you simply swipe the slider to the left to open Call Snap. Once open, the app starts your phone's camera and lets you snap an image of your surroundings. You can then add text if you want to give the photo some context and send it away.

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Call Snap's representatives say the service is meant to provide users with a quick and fun way to show callers why you can't get to the phone. So if you're at a concert, you can snap a picture of the stage and send it your caller.

You don't always have to take a new picture, though. Call Snap saves all of your previous images, along with the accompanying text, so if you're not going anywhere for a while, you can just snap a single picture, and use it for every call you want to decline.

You can check out Call Snap in the Google Play store for free through July. After that, expect to pay $0.99.

Daniel P. Howley
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