This Gadget Turns Your iPad Pro Into a MacBook

Apple's new iPad Pro has officially hit store shelves. And soon, there will be a way to make it look and feel more like a MacBook.

Accessory maker Brydge has developed a new device for Apple's 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models that attaches to the tablets and turns them into notebooks. Details on the accessory are scant, but it appears from images published by Brydge that it comes with a dock that will securely store the iPad Pro. The accessory appears to come with an aluminum or at least aluminum-like finish and black keys. There's also a cutout in the device to make it easier to separate the screen from the keyboard when it's closed.

Brydge is keeping details on the new accessory close to the vest and said that it doesn't want to "share all of our secrets at once." It's unclear, for instance, what exactly the keyboard is made of and how the keys are constructed. We also don't know anything about the pricing or availability on the devices, though Brydge did say that it would ship the keyboards sometime in early 2019.

Ultimately, the Brydge accessory seems poised to make the iPad Pro feel more like a notebook than a tablet. And since the iPad Pro is more powerful than many of the notebooks on store shelves, it could resonate with folks looking to use Apple's slate as their everyday PC. We found that Apple's own $199 Smart Keyboard leaves plenty to be desired in terms of comfort and features in our iPad Pro review, so Brydge's add-on could be a worthy alternative -- especially if it launches at a decent price. 

If you're interested in getting your hands on the new Brydge keyboard, you can sign up on the company's site to register for updates. You'll also be informed when you can place your order.